Hi all,


I’m new to this board, which I acquired recently, and I’m trying to use it to interface my Verdex with several external devices through the use of its serial ports. They are standard RS232 devices, so I need to convert Verdex UART lines from 3.3v TTL to RS232 levels. I will use one MAX3232 IC for this, which needs 3.3v as power source.


Looking at the breakout-vx schematic, I guess that breakout-vx VCC pins are 3.3v pins. Is this right?


Also, I guess that borrowing some (little) current from VCC to power my 3232 IC will not be an issue, as I understand that Verdex + breakout-vx is able to power several external devices. Is this right?


By the way, breakout-vx schematic shows an IC that seems to be a regulator (MIC5219), which generates VCC output and feeds . Can anyone briefly explain if this is the main (regulated) power source for the Verdex? Is there any other regulator inside Verdex? Does VCC power in 60 pin connector come from this regulator (go into Verdex and out through the VCC pins directly)?


Thanks a lot in advance,