Sorry to bother you again but I’m slightly confused now.  The diagram on shows pin 4 being offset to the right when 3 pins are at the top and 2 pins are on the bottom…This is not the case for me.  My pin 4 is offset to the left.  So basically from the diagram my pin 4 is nearer my pin 5.  I do not get a signal on pin 5 I get it on pin 1 and pin 3.  Does this mean the cable could be faulty not the STUART?





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The pinout on the cable is at


The pin you need to check is pin 5 on the minidin connector, which is middle row, on the right as you look at it.  If that pin has voltage (either -ve or +ve) relative to the middle pin (pin 4), then the problem is 90% likely on the STUART board.  Don't bother trying to figure out where the problem is on the STUART, we'll just ship you a new one.  I can't find you in our customer DB though -- let me know who the original customer was in the next hour and a half, or the order number and we'll send one off today.




On Feb 7, 2006, at 2:15 PM, David Scanlan wrote:

OK I’ve had a multimeter on the cable which is attached to my host…I have found 2 pins (one with +9ish V and one with -9ish V).  Im not entirely sure which pins I should be checking though as I couldn’t tell from the schematic on .  I’m guessing this means the cable is ok…is there anything I can do to try and test the STUART board?