I’m trying to get a mouse and keyboard to work on the Alto35 expansion LCD board and an Overo Airstorm.  The device has been configured to run from the MMC SDCard and a userinterface is display and works with the touchscreen.  However, the small screen makes it difficult to work with and we want to do some other tests with a mouse and keyboard.


The OTG port on the Alto35 appears have the wrong connector for OTG and only accepts a mini-A (not mini-B) plug.  If we use the command “modprobe g_serial” and plug in the port to a computer, we see the device enumerates as a “Gadget Serial 2.4” device.


Looking at the page “Cabling and Compatible USB Devices” at http://gumstix.org/component/content/article/74-overo-hardware/overo-connectors/73-cabling-and-compatible-usb-devices.html a list of compatible USB Hubs are provided, but it is not clear if these hubs are special in any way.  In addition, it is not clear how these hubs would be connected to the Alto35.  For example, the Dynex 4-port USB Hub has a standard USB cable (not mini) that you connect to but this could not be connected to a Alto35.


Oh, and the cable that connects to the Alto35 appears to be a mini-A to mini-B cable, but the mini-A connects to the OTG port, but the mini-B seems to connect to … well .. nothing else.


Any advice would be helpful.


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