Hi Craig,


Yes, the app does run fine under desktop linux, but as you must have realized my desktop is an old system (linux-2.6.8 circa 2004) – I think I should probably upgrade it prior to proceeding any further. Once I am more up to date, I will try again and let you know the result.


What is the best method for rebuilding the buildroot from scratch – I tried “make clean; make” but it failed before completing the clean step. Is this just another symptom of an old system, or is there a better way?






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On Aug 24, 2007, at 10:28 AM, <steve.gumstix@telxio.com> <steve.gumstix@telxio.com> wrote:

I did a search for a function in uClibc that might match the trace I got and came up with pthread_initializeB


If you're getting a segfault while using threads, my best guess is bad code in your app. B Does the same app work on desktop linux?