Thanks for the reply Dave.
 I have in fact bought an eval. board from Sparkfun (just received) and am
figuring out how to wire it to my Gumstix breakout gs. It wants 2.8v logic
level signals (not 3.3v, the manufacturer says they care) and flow control
among some other things . I was curious how the Gumstix designers were
attacking the problem since they are going down a different path (probably
better since I'm an admitted Linux beginner). I hope to get some info as to
how they are doing it.
I don't know if you remember, but we once exchanged some messages about
adding serial ports with the Phillips SC16IS740 Bridge chip; I will
eventually need more serial ports for my application and this chip seems
like a good way to do it. You had bought some and were looking at modifying
the software. Any progress?
By the way, your impressive contributions to this list, I'm sure, are
appreciated by all.
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> Hi Crag/Al,
>> Since I have a similar need, I'm curious about any design details so as
>> not
>> to re-invent the wheel. For example, what type of port (serial, I2C, SPI)
>> will this device be connected to and which specific port. Why was
>> the Siemens module chosen? I have been working with a Telit
>> GM862-Quad-PY,
>> but have not finished interfacing it to the Gumstix. I am placing it on a
>> serial port.
>> Any other information such as software hints would be appreciated. Thanks
>> in advance.
> I also noticed this module available on the SparkFun site:
> has a camera interface, and I see that SparkFun is also selling the
> camera module as wll.
> I believe that all of the modules connect through a serial port, and
> you send AT commands to talk to the SIM card, initiate a call etc.
> If you're looking for something today, one of the SparkFun eval boards
> seems like the way to go. When the gumstix one comes out, it will
> almost certainly be a smaller package to deal with.
> --
> Dave Hylands
> Vancouver, BC, Canada

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