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Is there any way SW-wise to distinguish between the different GumStix COM-module revisions?


In general I think it was a great idea exchanging GPIO0 with GPIO31, but it’s causing problems for doing SW updates for  existing devices already based on the first COMs out in the market…


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I have reviewed the documents and see they should be corrected on this point to say:

On revs  2173 -- 2516: J1 pin 9 is GPIO0_WAKEUP; GPIO31 goes to a test point on the board only.
On revs  2602 --     : J1 pin 9 is GPIO31_WAKEUP  GPIO0 is used as the IRQ from the TPS65950.


Can anyone confirm that the GPIO31_WAKEUP pin (J1 pin 9) is ok to use
as a normal GPIO (on a Palo43 board) please?
It is marked as 'SPECIAL USE' in the signals pdf, and is not set up by
default in board/overo/overo.h
Can anyone from Gumstix confirm what is special about this pin??
On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 5:25 PM, James Adams <james.r.adams@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi All,
I am designing a custom base-board to take a gumstix module
(eventaully) but am trying to wire up some extra buttons and a (simple
4-way plus centre click) joystick to GPIOs. I am using a Palo43 board
and soldering on buttons for now to get the software started, before
the custom base board is manufactured. (The idea is that the button
GPIOs that I use will not have to change from the initial Palo system
to the custom system...)
I am finding the whole 'is a GPIO available and actually free to use'
thing quite difficult, as there are various errors / inconsistencies
between the board schematic / web based signals doc and the pdf
signals sheet...
There seem to be 3 sources of information, the board schematic(s), the
web-based pin list(s) here:
and the pdf doc here
I know some of these errors have been reported before, but here's my
list for the record:
GPIO31_WAKEUP is erroneously marked as GPIO0_WAKEUP on Palo43
schematic and silkscreen, and web signals list.
GPIO10_TS_IRQ is erroneously marked as GPIO127_TS_IRQ on Palo43
schematic and silkscreen.
GPIO186_GPS_PPS is erroneously marked as GPIO128_TS_IRQ on Palo43
schematic and silkscreen.
GPIO148_TXD1 is erroneously marked as 158.TXD1 on Palo43 silkscreen.
Note that GPIO31_WAKEUP in the signals pdf is marked as (*) SPECIAL
USE - can I use it? What is this special use? It seems to work ok
using dev2mem to prod the config register then export the gpio in
sys/class/gpio... (which is how I;ve been testing all of these GPIOs
so far...)
My list of GPIOs I wish to use (and seem to work as far as I can test
from the console) are below - I would be most grateful if people could
take a look and let me know if any of them aren't suitable to be used
as a general purpose GPIO on the Palo43 board??
Any help much appreciated.
Note if there is an errata list that I have missed then apologies, I
am new to using the Gumstix stuff, however the GPIO31_WAKEUP
/GPIO0_WAKEUP inconsistency still exists between the web docs and the
pdf signals doc and needs fixing?
Kind Regards,
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