Hello All;


I’m trying to compile bluze-hcidump, which is an add-on the bluze protocol.


It expects to be complied with GCC, and therefore comes with a ./configure file and something called make.am

The tar ball includes all of the source files in two directories called /src and /parser.


I’m wondering if I can’t just write my own bitbake recipe, based on the make.am file.

I’ve included the make.am as a reference. Has anyone done something this before ??







AM_MAKEFLAGS = --no-print-directory


parser_sources =  parser/parser.h parser/parser.c \

                              parser/lmp.c \

                              parser/hci.c \

                              parser/l2cap.c \

                              parser/sdp.h parser/sdp.c \

                              parser/rfcomm.h parser/rfcomm.c \

                              parser/bnep.c \

                              parser/cmtp.c \

                              parser/hidp.c \

                              parser/hcrp.c \

                              parser/avdtp.c \

                              parser/avctp.c \

                              parser/obex.c \

                              parser/capi.c \

                              parser/ppp.c \

                              parser/tcpip.c \

                              parser/ericsson.c \

                              parser/csr.c \




sbin_PROGRAMS = src/hcidump


src_hcidump_SOURCES = src/hcidump.c $(parser_sources)

src_hcidump_LDADD = @BLUEZ_LIBS@



noinst_PROGRAMS = src/bpasniff src/csrsniff


src_bpasniff_SOURCES = src/bpasniff.c $(parser_sources)

src_bpasniff_LDADD = @BLUEZ_LIBS@


src_csrsniff_SOURCES = src/csrsniff.c $(parser_sources)

src_csrsniff_LDADD = @BLUEZ_LIBS@





dist_man_MANS = src/hcidump.8


EXTRA_DIST = src/magic.btsnoop



      aclocal.m4 configure config.h.in \

      depcomp missing install-sh mkinstalldirs




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