Thanks for the reply.  That looks like what I need.
John Alfredo
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This is made harder since the gumstix only produces 3.3V current, and needs something like 3.5V or more for VBatt.  You'll need to place your own regulator on the board.  The National 3982 is small and simple, and more importantly comes in an adjustable output version with a "Fault" output.  Set the regulator for 3.75V or so with resistors, and send the "fault" signal to a GPIO on the gumstix.

Any adjustable regulator with a fault output should be fine.  Without the fault output, you would need to use a comparator to generate your own fault output.


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Does anybody know of a device that can be used to detect a low battery on the gumstix?  I plan to use 3-AA to power the gumstix, however I'm concerned about not knowing when the batteries get low. 

Also, what voltage level (on the batteries) should be considered low?

Thanks in advance.

John Alfredo