Hi Chris,
thank you for response.
I found pin-out of LCD connector in Samsung datasheet.
Now, the question: this LCD has 1 chain of 10 white LEDs (backlight). My LCD has 3 chains, so current will be 3 times as much. Is U11 capable of driving multiple chains? What is the type of U11? Is it correct? that R8 shall be 3 times less to supply 3 times bigger current (without knowing U11 type I can't determine it myself, sorry).
BTW, I did not find any references to LCD connector (X2) in the schematics. LED controller (U11) is shown in the schematics without type.
Best regards,
Alexey Polyudov

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If you poke around pubs.gumstix.com you'll find both the datasheet for the samsung display and the eagle schematics for the console board.


On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 12:55 PM, Alexey Polyudov <apolyudov@gdatech.com> wrote:

I want to connect different LCD to ConsoleLCD-vx expansion board. Definitely
it has different FPC cable pin-out than that 4.3" device from Samsung fir
which that board was designed.

I did not find description of this connector (X2) in the documentation. I'd
like to replace it with my own cable assembly which fits my LCD. To do this,
I need pin-out description of this connector.

Does enybody have description of this connector?

Best regards,
Alexey Polyudov
e-mail: APolyudov@gdatech.com

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