Might I suggest DHL?


Anything coming from the US to overseas is going to be like US$35 or more, but inside the US shipping is much lower




I have my own shipping account with them for miscellaneous items, including RMAs…


They are flawless as far as customer service goes, and about a week after I setup my account, I received a phone call and they were able to give me very good personalized rates based on the types items I ship and the frequency.


I don’t think UPS does this…. Do they?








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I second another shipping option...UPS charged me a CDN$30 customs brokerage fee on top of shipping and taxes. So, a ~$200 order fast becomes nearly $300 with shipping, UPS "brokerage" fees, and taxes...

On 7/19/06, Alec Waters <alec.waters@dataline.co.uk> wrote:


Are there any other overseas shipping options apart from UPS? It's going
to cost $40.80 to ship me $4.00 worth of screws and spacers!

Has anyone managed to get a source for these in the UK?

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