I did that and it worked.  

Just a guess:  did you “chmod a+x S60usbnet-setip”?


Jiefei Ma


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Hi ,


I've been trying to connect my gumstix board to my linux( fedora core 2 with kernel 2.6.19 ) host using usb .


While searching in the net I came across a page( Link :  http://iarc1.ece.utexas.edu/wikicup/index.php/Gumstix ) mentioning the steps , I followed those steps but it is giving the error

        port 22 : no route to host .


The step which I performed are as: 


 I created a file in /etc/init.d called "S60usbnet-setip". This file had the following content :

 echo "Setting up usbnet IP as"
 ifconfig usb0
 exit 0


This shall assign the gumstix the ip over usbnet AT STARTUP. I rebooted the system( host linux ) .
Now, on your host linux machine ( which was be connected to the gumstix over usb) , I executed the command


    ifconfig usb0


I now tried to login to the gumstix by using the command :
    ssh root@


At this point I got the error :

    port 22: no rout to host


Could anyone suggest where I'm going wrong .

Any suggestions in this regard will be appreciated . 


Regards ,