Hello all,
I have submitted a proposal to construct a heli-based UAV as a research project here at the U of Mn.  My project involves a microcontroller exchanging strings through a serial port with a host computer, right now my laptop.  When this goes airborne I proposed using a gumstix for the high level flight computing.  I've been reading all the emails and it seems the gumstix may be beyond my capabilities.  I hope I'm wrong but it seems a little rough for the casual user.  I'm studying aerospace eng. so I don't have much OS-type programming knowledge.  Is it at least 'relatively' simple to download code to the gumstix and take control of the serial port for sending and receiving strings using printf and scanf in C?  Is serial port control different for the gumstix than the 'standard' pc?  I haven't written the full code on my computer but I have played with the serial port and know it's pretty simple on my XP/Mandrake Linux machine.  Perhaps what I need to do is well within ease; I understand the topics you folks discuss are pretty in depth (and possible just intimidating me ;).  Any input would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Jake
Simply put: if a simple, generic serial port code runs on a Linux machine, can it be run on the gumstix?