I’ve been looking around and fiddling but haven’t been able to fix this issue. I’m trying to get PWM working, I have some code that worked before on an Overo-Air but with my new one it doesn’t work.



devmem2 0x48088024 w 0x00000000

Gives me a Bus error


I have google quite a few things and have tried the following:

•             CONFIG_OMAP_RESET_CLOCKS – Disabling this in the kernel config (via menuconfig)

•             ARCH_HAS_HOLES_MEMORYMODEL – This is enabled in the config


Just to make sure I'm actually compiling the kernel right (with new config)


Bitbake –c menuconfig virtual/kernel

cp ${OVEROTOP}/tmp/work/overo-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/linux-omap3-3.2-r103git/.config \


Bitbake –c clean virtual/kernel

Bitbake virtual/kernel

Bitbake omap-console-image


Then I flash the nand with the compile images in:



If anyone has any suggestions as it if I'm doing the build/config wrong or what I need to fix in my config I would really appreciate it.