Hi all,
So first time poster, zero time Linux user - so please excuse my total beginner questions as I have no idea what it can do - yes, I am a Windows user.
I recently read an article on the 'gumstix' micro embedded linux computers and was very impressed.  But what I am after is a device/computer that will allow me to do the following and I am hoping the gumstix 200xm-cf might be that device:
1. Attach it to my network (preferably using CAT5 cable) and set it to a user defined static IP.
2. I want to be able to remote connect / control 'into' it via IP (remote desktop?) from my main Windows XP desktop.
3. The device needs to be able to run a bit torrent client.
4. Use some form of (removable?) storage (either CF or SD/MMC cards) so I can copy the downloaded files to my Windows box (or be able to copy the files over TCP/IP using Samba or FTP)
5. It would be preferable if I can either VNC connect to the device/computer and it has some sort of GUI / desktop for easier usage by Windows idiots like me (heck, give me a 640x400 4 or 8 colour desktop like the Amiga had, I don't mind!) - or I guess if it was running some form of server and a web based torrent client that I can connect to remotely (like torrentflux - see, I have been doing some research!)
Something like the above would be ideal, as I can leave this device running and downloading torrents and not use as much power as leaving my desktop on all the time (and it would be SILENT).
Can anyone please let me know if the gumstix xm-200cf will fit my requirements above?  If so I can think of 6 other guys in my office who would all be interested in a low power, silent bit torrent client solution as well.  Oh and possibly a 'linux for dummies' tutorial web site might be useful for me as well.
My ultimate wish would be for a total mini computer which I can connect a mouse, keyboard and (LCD) monitor to; and be able to run a GUI with email and browser - then I have something I can run off a couple of solar cells for when I go camping/caravaning (and connect it to my mobile phone via USB/bluetooth for moble internet access).
Thank you so much for your time and patience.