first of all: happy easter to all of you !
I have a small suggestions for your wiki website:
> We also offer a place for posting both gumstix in education and robotics in education projects, starting at
> http://www.gumstix.org/tikiwiki/tiki-index.php?page=gumstix+in+education
Interesting page: See what other have used the gumstix for, perhaps learn from others...
Can we add perhaps what thay have done / published gumstix related ?
But: I have searched through all 4 current entries (ok, only two contain links), but i can't see anything gumstix related.
Conclusion: Only advertisement for university, no public gumstix info, i would just delete them...
> Third Party Products and Solutions can be outlined at
> http://www.gumstix.org/tikiwiki/tiki-index.php?page=Third+Party+Products
Could also be very interesting: E.g. have a running SDIO stack (or in generally SDIO products) in MMC slot of (older) gumstix.
Or ezVID (display text on monitor). But has anyone (at least the manufacturer) tested successfully this module with a gumstix ? Is the SDIO stack compatible with the gumstix built in software ? Is it working in general / detail ? What do i need for this (nothing, all delivered with gumstix software) ? Perhaps we can add such notes here on the wiki page ? Also if it is not working, can we add a note, that it is not working with a gumstix ? What price range it is ? Worth buying ?
Only my 2 cents,