I am working on a MMC boot loader driver for the Gumstix.
This is part of a Windows CE project so I am not that familiar with Linux and u-boot but I do understand u-boot has the
ability to boot an image from the MMC card. I guess some of you Linux guys are doing this.
My question is do you have some approximate load times numbers? Image size vs. load time.
I am interested in the MMC image load times only, not all the driver initialization kernel launch etc.
(all tho relatively speaking it may be negligible).
I have a working MMC image loader but it take quite a long time to load any decent size image.
I am just looking for an idea on just how much tuning I need to do.
The MMC spec and the PXA255 shows a max transfer rate of 20mb/s. according to my calculation this
relates to approx. 2.5 seconds for a 6meg image. I know this is overly optimistic and there are other
factors to take into account.
I am mainly looking for some expermental data as a base line.