Hi Dave,

I have pulled some sentences out of your new serial voltage discussion.

"The Waysmall STUART, HWUART and Tweener boards are currently the only
boards which provide RS-232 level serial interfaces. These can be plugged in
directly to the serial port on the back of your PC, or into a USB-to-serial

I think there could be some confusion with the USB-to-serial adaptor part
since many of these supply logic level signals while others, especially
those that terminate in a DB9, supply RS-232  level signals.  Perhaps
identifying it as a USB-to-RS-232 adapter in the last sentence solves the
problem. A Google search on USB to RS-232 seems to lead to the correct
devices if you want to connect the adapter to the RS-232 port on the Gumstix
expansion board. Otherwise, one could connect a logic level USB-to serial
adapter to the appropriate logic level pads on the expansion boards.

Al Langer

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> Hi,
> I created a new page:
> http://docwiki.gumstix.org/Serial_voltages
> which documents the various serial voltages for logic-level and RS-232
> level signals.
> I'd appreciate it if a few people would review it for correctness.
> Thanks
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