I complete new to C++ development in this environment.  I did C/C++ 9 years a go and since then I've done Java.  I have used Eclipse in Java alot including making plugins.  That said, I"m crawling all over again, I fee like an infant.
Here's my question:
I have a linux machine running Unbuntu 8.04 with Eclipse 3.3 installed along with th CDT. 
I also have the BuildRoot checked out and built.
When I create a new C++ Project I select Makefile project, then the Hello World C++ Project.  Then on the right hand side there is an option Linux GCC or --Other Toolchain --.  As I understand and I'm reading like crazy both in new books I bought from borders and from the gumstix wiki amongst others, as I understand when the BuildRoot is built it creates a toolchain for the gumstix.  is there a way to register that tool chain withEclipse so that I can select it?  Do I need to?  Ulitmately I'll add to the build root process local on my computer and build it as part of the file system, unless there is an easier way, like build it in Eclipse using the correct toolchain and then all I have to do is deploy it. 
Like I said I'm totally new to this.  Please be gentle : - ).
"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities. In the expert's mind there are few."
-Shunryu Suzuki