Hi all! Just received my Gumstix today and I'm trying to get usbnet working with Windows XP. I could have sworn while I was first learning about Gumstix that I saw a guide somewhere on how to do this with screenshots but now I can't find it. Is there a URL with a howto on how to get this going?
Anyway, the Gumstix is up and running, Windows sees the USB Ethernet Gadget (after installing the linux.inf file I found floating around) and I've bridged my main Ethernet and the Gumstix Ethernet together. The Gumstix tries to get an IP with DHCP but no luck. The rest of my network runs on DHCP which is running on a cable/dsl router and it works fine.
I see some RX packets and TX packets on usb0, but can't get anything tcp related to work. I've also tried assigning a static IP with no luck.
Any pointers?
Jason von Nieda