I am using the Gumstix OveroFire + Summit board and am trying to port a QNX driver for the Marvell 8686 wireless module.


I have found the libertas (mw88v8686) source code in the Linux kernel but I cannot find  the driver configuration in the source files.

I would like to know:

1)      Which  SDIO Port is the mv88w8686 module connected to?  (MMC2 from the U-boot source codes presumably but which kernel source files or configuration files contains the SDIO port configurations?)

2)      How is the mv88w8686 powered on? It is done in the TWL4030 via I2C commands but which part of the source files contains the commands?

3)      Are there any other pin-outs that I should know and take note of, to properly configure the wireless module? (.e.g. GPIOs…. Etc)   


Being a newbie in OpenEmbedded and embedded Linux, I do not know where to look. Can anyone provide any pointers?

I have done a bitbake for omap3-console-image.


Thanks for your help.


With regards,

Chong Wei