Is this even possible, I couldn’t find much information on the net about casting electronics, could anyone see any potential problems with this.  My intensions are to lay everything out exactly how I want it in my mold and simply submerge the whole device (screen first, mounted in frame).  I’ve never done this before but it looks like my only solution to a decent case.


The finished device should be completely see though (so we can see the nice little lights), have the screen mounted on the front with maybe a cm of frame around it and even the sd slot usable still.  Not sure how I’d go about getting the battery mounted to the device but I’ll think of something.


I’m also hoping I can just use the wifi module as-is without an antenna, and maybe mount an external port just in case.


The problem is I would only get one shot at it and if I find that I can’t get a wifi signal or the things shorts somehow, it’s a very expensive mistake.


Thanks again,

Drew J