I'm trying to make a server-client program between Windows XP (SP2) and the gumstix.  But I am having problems because Windows is unable to see the gumstix through the Personal Area Network and only sees it as a serial connection.  I've tried following the instructions on http://docwiki.gumstix.org/Networking.  Option 2 works with BlueSoleil  but the code for Windows does not work when the bind() function is called returning a 10050 error.  And from research, this error is caused by using the BlueSoleil program instead of the built in Windows bluetooth support.  So, I'd like it to run just by using the Windows XP and no additional software.  I've tried the directions on Option 1 in the wiki, setting


PAND_OPTIONS="--role PANU --service PANU --connect 00:03:7A:0F:CF:7D -Q10


in /etc/default/bluetooth (but with the MAC address changed to the bluetooth device's address on the Windows machine. And setting


it to have a static address in the interface file.  Windows also has the bluetooth connection set to a static address but Windows still sees nothing.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks


-William Tam