I had this problem too. I solved by stooping the autoboot and typing:
# setenv defaultdisplay lcd43
# savenv

The first command will set a variable in the uBoot file about the display. And the second will save the command for the next boots.

Lcd43 because the size of the lcd is 4.3 inches. If you have another size just change the number.
If that doesn't help you probabily has and driver issue.

Alex M. Sartin

On 10/09/2011, at 03:32, Princeton McAfee <princetonmcafee@gmail.com> wrote:

I have a Gumstix Overo Fire and a Gallop43

When I try to boot from the flash the LED lights work perfect but the LCD just shows white and then flickers with lines
I checked the LCD connector and it was connected correctly i cant find a problem

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