#14 Marvell WiFi cannot perform link-layer (layer 2) handoff

Bug (21)

Essentially I am considering for the case where there are multiple WiFi APs (hence BSSIDs) for the same ESSID (i.e. network name). this is usual in case of a managed WiFi deployment common in Universities and Enterprises. Almost all WiFi interfaces (whether using Windows or using Linux) monitor and periodically scan for other WiFi APs either proactively to look for better APs or reactively when the RSSI of the current AP degrades. At some point if they find another AP with better RSSI or channel quality they perform a layer-2 handoff to that AP.

Unfortunately the Marvell WiFi on the WIFiStix does not exhibit this behavior and stays on the same AP even though the channel quality degrades to levels where the gumstix cannot even ping the gateway. At this point there are multiple other APs with the same SSID that it could have switched to but doesn’t. After losing connectivity it does not even come back to the original AP when coming back in range of it.


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