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gumnut 0.3.7 released

gumnut version 0.3.7 released on 30th Aug 2010

Posted by fooscope 2010-08-30

gumnut 0.3.6 released

gumnut version 0.3.6 released on 28th Jul 2010

Posted by fooscope 2010-07-28

gumnut 0.3.1 released

gumnut version 0.3.1 released on 29th June 2009

Posted by fooscope 2009-06-29

gumnut 0.3.0 released

gumnut version 0.3.0 released on 28th Apr 2009

Posted by fooscope 2009-04-27

gumnut 0.2.9 released

Gumnut version 0.2.9 released on 2009 04 24

Posted by fooscope 2009-04-24

gumnut: 0.2.7 released

Gumnut is a moderated, distributed, discussion forum that may be used by groups of people to find an agreed positive direction for any decisions that affect that group. Each group may be of any size and associated by geography, common interest, or both.

gumnut version 0.2.7 released on 20090303

Posted by fooscope 2009-03-03

gumnut 0.2.7 released

gumnut version 0.2.7 released on 20090303

Posted by fooscope 2009-03-03

gumnut 0.2.6 released

gumnut version 0.2.6 is released on the 9th of Feb 2009 .

** This is a milestone release which marks the first successful connection and usage between two hosts across the Internet.

Posted by fooscope 2009-02-09

gumnut 0.2.5 released

version 0.2.5 of gumnut is released on 20090121

Posted by fooscope 2009-01-21

gumnut 0.2.4 released

released version 0.2.4 of gumnut on 20081209

Posted by fooscope 2008-12-09

gumnut 0.2.2 released

version 0.2.2 of gumnut is released on the 20th of September 2008

Posted by fooscope 2008-09-20

gumnut 0.2.1 released

version 0.2.1 of gumnut is released on the 29th of August 2008

Posted by fooscope 2008-08-29

gumnut 0.2.0 released

Version 0.2.0 of gumnut released on the 11th of August 2008

Posted by fooscope 2008-08-11

gumnut 0.1.9 released

gumnut version 0.1.9 is released for download on 20080719

Posted by fooscope 2008-07-19

gumnut 0.1.8 released

gumnut version 0.1.8 released on 30th of June 2008

Posted by fooscope 2008-06-30

gumnut 0.1.7 released

released version 0.1.7 of gumnut on the 9th of June 2008

Posted by fooscope 2008-06-09

gumnut 0.1.6 released

gumnut version 0.1.6 released on the 25th of May 2008

Posted by fooscope 2008-05-25

gumnut 0.1.5 released

gumnut version 0.1.5 is released on the 11th of May 2008.

This version adds a feature to create the HTML template if it is missing from the home dir.

Also adds a menu icon and listing on .deb based systems.

Posted by fooscope 2008-05-11

gumnut 0.1.4 released

New version with automatic config file creation and fixed the -c option.
Minor code cleanup.

Posted by fooscope 2008-04-24

gumnut 0.1.3 released

The new version 0.1.3 has been released which has a new command 'opengui' in the command line interface and a new column 'local' displayed in the GUI search results.

Posted by fooscope 2008-03-24

gumnut 0.1.2 released

Today (20080310) gumnut 0.1.2 was released. It has 2 new additions to the functionality of the GUI interface.

* clickable links to connect to other running instances on the localnetwork.
* and an area to set the 'display threshold' variable to only show proposals with N other people supporting them.

Posted by fooscope 2008-03-10

gumnut 0.1.1 released

gumnut 0.1.1 was released on the 22nd of Feb 2008

Posted by fooscope 2008-02-22

gumnut 0.0.7

gumnut aims to be a decentralised forum for cooperative decision making on any scale. v0.0.7 has been released and includes new commands, bug fixes, a getting started Tutorial and an example demonstration ( on ) .

Posted by fooscope 2005-12-04