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MPC Audio Static

  • Killer1nstinct

    Killer1nstinct - 2009-04-13

    hi im a fairly new user to mpc and it is an amazing program for watching my 1080p movies on, but im having trouble with one file and its the quantom of solace...

    im using mpc with the CoreAVC Video Decoder, when i load in this movie which is a .mkv file, i get no sound, and when i skip to a new part it gives me pure static that blows my headset. i can watch other movies just fine, and i know its not this file cus the sound works in vlc media player, but i want it in mpc please help

    thx in advance

    • clsid

      clsid - 2009-04-17

      Disable the internal audio decoders in MPC and install ffdshow.

    • Killer1nstinct

      Killer1nstinct - 2009-04-18

      yes could you please explain this process to me i have ffdshow but i dont know how to disable the audio decoder in mpc... also i right click the went to options external devices and added ffdshow audio decoder and it still doesnt work


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