how? set action in options for ESC &...

  • Owyn

    Owyn - 2011-07-02

    so i wanted to set actions for escape button and right enter, I understood that enter is vk_return but there is no vk_Rreturn =(
    and there is no vk_esc at all =(

    am i looking bad or author just did not implement these buttons into options?

  • Liisachan

    Liisachan - 2011-07-02

    At least you can use VK_ESCAPE (not VK_ESC).
    The numpad  and the regular  share the same VK_ENTER virtual key code,
    so you can't use "R-Enter". You can however use VK_DECIMAL (numpad ) or VK_ADD (numpad ).
    Though some of those keys are used by default, you can override the settings.

  • Owyn

    Owyn - 2011-07-04

    you can use VK_ESCAPE (not VK_ESC).

    that's the point, I couldn't find VK_ESCAPE in keys at all.

    now figuret it out - had to enter it as ascii '1B' to find it, maybe player should have some better menu for setting keys? most players have menu so you just press a button and it sets value to this button.


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