will not play mp4 video

  • Steven Guild

    Steven Guild - 2009-06-28


    I downloaded media player classic the other day, unpacked it today to watch a mp4 video that I downloaded from:


    I have a vista computer. The mp4 files are around 105 mb. I drag and drop the file into the mpc screen, and it immediately minimizes the screen, and plays the audio part. I can hear the audio but no video is shown.

    I previously saw these mp4 videos shown on real player, but I do not want realplayer.

    I searched the forum using combinations of the words mp4, video, and vista, but cannot find any posts.

    Any help?


  • Christine Hurt

    Christine Hurt - 2017-01-24

    I have all of the codecs needed to play AVI in MPC. I have the latest version. Most of my videos play just fine. HOWever, I do have one or two that I cannot play in MPC, which play fine in VLC. The codec information I get from VLC is normal codec I already know I have on my machine. What is up with that?


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