gahbahj - 2009-07-15

i have just downloaded v6491 (copied to root of E:) to check it out. i hoped it was now able to open mms protocol streams for me as v6484 (in root of D:) is the last version that works for me. i read in other posts that it should open mms streams so i'm wondering what i need to fix. if i ctrl-O & paste this url


it won't work in v6491 (Failed to render file) - but works fine in v6484 (& wmplayer & kmplayer).

my system: thinkpad t30,xpsp2,p-M 2g,512Mram,ffdshow-tryouts 2527 dec 17 08. i opted for ini files and tried to compare the 2 versions but cant find anything dealing with protocols. both versions should rely on ffdshow, so i'm not sure where to look. thanks for your help