Jacques J-Luc - 2011-10-31

I can use mpclassic with a :Zolid USB device (Hi-Speed DVD Maker)
to connect with the TV or the VHS recorder.
I can save the video with DivX (in fastest mode) and AC3-ACM codecs.
They are the sole ones that i found able to code an avi file on the fly (realtime capture).
With the same options, any NEWER (from memory since 6.4.9.x) version of media player classic i tried
STALLS after a little time when encoding the avi.
They are blocked after a few kilo- or mega-bytes.
Is it a problem of communication between the soft and the codec ?
NB. I use for this job a PC Fujitsu-Siemens SCENIC with a processor Intel Pentium 4 single core at 2.66 MHz and
have enabled DMA for the hard disk where i store the avi file.

Can some one help ?