#220 Check for colour settings


I compared the video display of MPC and Windows
Media Player for a DVD.

MPC colours were too dark and white had a strong red
"touch". How can the required settings be adjusted to
achieve a more natural viewing experience?


  • klei

    klei - 2006-10-06

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    Umm... you can change hue/saturation/contrast/brightness
    settings for mpeg2 video in
    View/options.../Internal Filters/MPEG-2 Video filter.

    You can double click the bold lines there. Maybe this will
    help. MPC uses libmpeg2 to decode mpeg2 streams.

  • Markus Elfring

    Markus Elfring - 2006-10-06

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    I do not find it an ergonomic GUI to adjust the properties
    by a double-click on bold list entries.
    I would prefer direct access to such settings from the
    controls toolbar.

    I changed the values for brightness, contrast, hue and
    saturation. But it seems that the update does not have any
    effect. Would you like to point me to a well-known test video?

  • Markus Elfring

    Markus Elfring - 2006-10-06
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  • klei

    klei - 2006-10-06

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    Well, you can change these settings for the currently
    playing video, in Play/Filters/...

    There you will find mpeg-2 decoder too. Click on it, and the
    mpeg-2 settings window will pop up. You can adjust all
    filters from that menu, that is used for the loaded movie.
    But watch out, some of the settings will be changed only for
    the currently playing movie, if you change the settings from

    These settings are just for DVD playback. (Mpeg-2)

    If you want to change these settings for other media types,
    read this thread, please:


    Color settings can not be changed. Maybe you should try
    ffdshow. It has lots of directshow postprocess filters...


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