#205 Problem coding to Mpeg2Dec.ax


I'm writing an audio and video editing DirectShow
filters, see http://sourceforge.net/projects/aaf-edit-pack

I'm trying to use Mpeg2Dec.ax as my mpeg decoder filter
instead of proprietary versions from Elecard. I have a
problem in that it does not provide valid values when I
call GetAllocatorRequirements on its output pin before
the filter has been paused, even though its Allocator
has correct properties.

The web address provided http:\\gabest.org brings me to
this SourceForge page but I can't find the source code
for Mpeg2Dec.ax

Could you or someone working on your page tell me where
to find the source code?

Also, I would like to contribute to its development by
making it capable of seeking to frames exactly rather
than to the nearest I-Frame since this is essential for
editing. (This is what makes the Elecard filters so
good but my code requires users to but the filters)
Could you point me towards the main developer so that I
can send him/her my suggested modifications?

Kind Regards
Richard Storey


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