#165 WMV3 vidoes won't play


Is there any possibility of MPC supporting the WMV3
codec? All of the wmv3 videos I have, avi & mkv, play
the audio only and as soon as I try to seek MPC locks
up and the task bar gets stuck in the up position, I
then have to reboot to get it to auto-hide again. I
read somewhere that is it some dumb proprietary codec
from M$, I hope this is not the case because playing
them in WMP is a real pain.


  • klei

    klei - 2006-01-08

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    WMV3 is the fourcc code for Windows Media Video 9. You can
    get this codec here:

    The other solution is to install WMP10 (windows media
    player10) for the needed codecs and use MPC for playback.

    Please tell us if the problem is solved this way.

  • Hanakodosukoi

    Hanakodosukoi - 2006-01-09

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    I already have WMP10 installed, but I also tried installing
    the individual WM9 codec again, then tried intalling the
    entire WMP6 codec package. Neither one enables WM9 videos
    to play in MPC, or any other non-M$ player I tried
    (CoreMediaPlayer, VLC). So far the only player I can get to
    work with WM9 in a mkv container is WMP6 using an external
    matroska splitter and DS sub filter installed for softsubs.
    I googled a few posts where others were also unable to
    view WM9 content in 3rd party players, so I'm not the only
    one experiencing this. I get the feeling this is another
    attempt to monopolize the Media player market with a
    proprietary codec... QT, Realplayer *gag*
    Any other ideas?

  • klei

    klei - 2006-01-10

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    WMV3 codec is working in AVI container now, or in WMV format
    (in MPC)?

    MPC has a built in matroska splitter, maybe it has some
    compatibility issue or it nees to be updated.

    You said that: "So far the only player I can get to
    work with WM9 in a mkv container is WMP6 using an external
    matroska splitter and DS sub filter installed for softsubs"

    Try to block the internal matroska splitter in MPC:
    view/options.../Filters tab, then check out the "Matroska"
    source filter.

    What is the "DS sub filter", directshow sub filter?

    Now the external matroska splitter should load in(that you
    installed). If it can play the wmv3 video codec now, then
    the matroska splitter have to be updeated.

  • Hanakodosukoi

    Hanakodosukoi - 2006-01-11

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    WMV3 video in both avi and mkv containers plays in WMP6 but
    not MPC. I don't use wmv, so I don't have any wmv files to
    try. The internal matroska splitter is not the issue
    because WMV3 in a avi container also crashes MPC. I tried
    disabling the internal matroska splitter and the internal
    avi splitter to see what would happen, but nothing changed.

    Yes, DS sub filter is short for directshow sub filter. The
    mkv files have soft subs and since WMP6 doesn't support them
    internally like MPC I have to install another extra filter.

  • Hanakodosukoi

    Hanakodosukoi - 2006-01-14

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    I finally worked around the problem. Enabling the
    DirectVobSub filter allows WMV3 content to play in MPC, even
    when the DirectVobSub subtitles are hidden and subs are
    handled by MPC. I still don't know why MPC won't play WMV3
    without DirectVobSub, it doesn't seem to be doing anything,
    VMR9 is still handling the video, and MPC is still using the
    internal audio switcher. Anyways thanks for the help.

    I'm still curious as to why DVS made the difference, if
    anyone figures it out please let me know.


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