#140 Poorly Synced Movies - Plugin could help


now and then i run across movies where these people
dont encode them right and the audio gets out of
sync....but i can manually resync by going to
play>filters>audio switcher>the movie name/audio 1

and it resyncs to where the sound is suppose to be in
the movie. im not sure what causes this to a point and
ive been looking for answers but perhaps a plug can
automatically resync crappy movies (i believe its xvid
thats the problem because divx doesn't do it)


  • karmine

    karmine - 2005-09-05
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  • Nixon

    Nixon - 2005-12-30

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    I posted a similar problem. I have a .VOB file that has
    delays at predictable locations. I'm not sure how to
    circumvent it.

  • karmine

    karmine - 2006-01-01

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    the reason why the sound is out of sync is because the
    person who encoded/ripped did a poor job at it. there is no
    real way of fixing it (a plugin would help but it would
    consume lots of processor power) and that is re-encoding it.
    but you have to know what your doing and resync the video
    without quality loss in the video and audio. but the best
    thing to do is find people who know how to rip and get a new
    movie. i use to know people years ago with any movie youd
    ever want but that was on DALNET (irc if you didnt know but
    you should).


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