#1 Disabling Deinterlacing for 1080i HD MPEG2 streams


I use my PC to capture high-definition programs through
the firewire port on my HD cable box, and play them
back to the HDTV that my PC is hooked up to (and uses
480p and 1080i resolutions on depending on the
application). Any PC with a firewire port can do this:
s=&threadid=403695 .

Currently I use VideoLAN VLC player to play back the
captured HD MPEG2 streams, as I play them back at
1080i, and the video does not need to be deinterlaced
as it is playing to an interlaced monitor and the CPU use
goes up to 100% when deinterlacing, which is not
necessary and makes playback choppy.

I was wondering if there is an easy way to disable
deinterlacing in Media Player Classic...the only options I
see are for "auto", "blend", "weave", and "bob", but
nothing for disabling. When playing with MPC, I get 20
frames/sec on 30 frame/sec video with 100% CPU usage
(from the deinterlacing), but in VLC with no interlacing I
get 30 frames/sec and about 40% CPU utilization (thats
on a paltry athlonXP 2800+ and Radeon 9600 pro)

If there is a way to do this, I could use media player
classic to play back my HD feeds, and I like MPC much
more than VLC as it is a polished program that I use for
most other media playback, and that would be righteous.

The only other suggestions I have are building
functionality in like "Open capture device" in VLC so
someone could use MPC to watch and/or record HD
video over firewire. Thanks for reading.




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    Please also add options to discard a field (i.e. only play
    fields A or only fields B) This is very useful for playback
    1080i on lower resolution monitors and it lowers the CPU load.


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  • Tianb

    Tianb - 2006-01-02

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  • klo

    klo - 2006-03-05

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    Yeah, I did have the same problem with trying to disable
    deinterlacing in MPC.

    The way I got round it is by adding the External Filter
    "ffdshow MPEG-4 Video Decoder" and setting its merit to
    "Prefer" - since I use it the post-process video anyway.

    Of course, it would be *much* nicer if a disable
    deinterlacing option is present in the first place...

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    This is not reliable config system DAT.


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