#576 Logic for access through WitheHome wireless remote control

DIVX Hacker

I have a challenge for the Media Player Classic and its competitors.

I have yet to see a free Media Player program that allows specific keyboard control bindings for keys.

It is fairly easy to get - search eBay for "PC Remote Control." Item is cheap, look for a seller that will combine shipping and toss in a few other trinkets to use up an eBay gift card.

Anywho, The WitheHome USB remote control is actially a wireless keyboard that generates keys that are transmitted to the receiver.

The program comes bundled with a custom version of PowerDVD that is configured to receive the controls from this "keyboard" as long as PowerDVD is the focused application.

These controls have been deciphered by the hard work of an Ubuntu user, and laid out the codes for this remote. The USB port location and key codes are listed on the page: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=805876

My challenge is: to bind these codes within the Media Player Classic program to specific functions.

The ones I am interested is these: Channel Up (play next Favorite) Channel Down (Play Last Favorite) Repeat (Reload Current Favorite) I'd like to use them on my list of Internet TV channels. That way, I won't need to get up to switch between jai-alai, dog racing or Kung Fu TV on my TV set. (and yes, I am using this computer as my DTV converter box. Heckuva lot better than the crap that's in the stores.)

There's another button function I'd like to see expanded - Guide - but we'll worry about that producing a navigatable list of Favorites later. (use arrows to choose a channel, Enter button to select a channel)

Thanks so much for considering this! DIVXHacker@yahoo.com


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