#5 Release combination

Laga Mahesa

It's probably super-difficult otherwise it would have been done already (errr, maybe) but...

Couldn't the two releases (2K/9X) be combined into one? Yes, there is OS-specific code, but couldn't they be moved to a DLL or whatnot? Or do you want to keep the player as a single executable with no extras? If so, pack the code into their own segments - I honestly doubt you'd get any complaints due to a large download as I suspect most people get both anyway just now.

You know, 'Just in case!'


  • Kovács Endre János

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    I don't think it's necessary. Of course it can be done, but what
    advantages would it bring?

  • Gabest

    Gabest - 2003-06-02

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    Windows nt+ itself offers a unicode version of each common
    API calls and the 2k/xp build links to those functions
    everywhere (dialog controls, file system, keyboard input, ..).

  • Laga Mahesa

    Laga Mahesa - 2003-06-03

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    Gabest :

    Argh. :P

    Kovacsendre :
    At home and on the three machines I use at work, I use an
    identical setup comprising of 98SE lite and Win2K on the same

    C:\Program Files\VideoTools contains, cunningly enough, all my
    video tools. I have registry .reg files that create file
    associations to various applications (virtualdub, mplayerc,
    graphedit etc) which allows me to by default load media in
    mplayerc or mediaplayer 6.4 if I wish - also, the menus for my
    file manager (directory opus 6) point to these apps.

    Mplayerc is the only one for which I would have to make an
    exception - at this time, I just use the ansi 9x version for all.

  • Kovács Endre János

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    Oh. I guess that's fair.
    I still think that the unicode/ansi builds should be kept
    separate, but somone (you?) could come up with a _third_,
    combined build.
    As I see it, "all" it would take would be to change all pre-
    compiler conditionals to runtime conditionals testing for a
    unicode environment, but I haven't really delved into the code

  • Muf

    Muf - 2003-06-03

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    Maybe it's possible to statically link both the versions into a
    single project and call the right one at startup ?

  • Gabest

    Gabest - 2003-06-10
    • status: open --> closed

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