#478 WinXP x64, and Vista compatable versions

jeff stone

Pretty please? Maybe a 64-bit version as well?


  • klei

    klei - 2006-09-03

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    I think it will be supported, but only after MS Vista
    officially comes out (stable version). If I remember right,
    Windows XP 64 bit edition lacks lots of features that MPC
    would need to run correctly. Maybe not...

    You should ask Gabest about these things.

    Please everybody use this thread for x64 and Vista related
    questions. Thanks.
    Thread opened by rovman: Native x64 Version

    A native x64 (AMD64) Version of Media player classic
    would be great

    Thread opened by jlaforums: RealMedia Splitter and Windows
    XP X64


    Have used realmedia splitter for awhile now in
    Windows XP 32-bit edition with no problems.

    Have now moved to Windows XP Profession x64 edition
    and RealMedia Splitter will not install

    Took the .ax file and moved it to the system32 folder
    and when running the install command, I receive the
    following message

    " "realmediasplitter.ax" is not an executable file
    and no registration helper is registered for this file

    Can anyone advise on how we can get RealMediaSplitter
    to work with Windows XP Professional X64 Edition?

    Thank You

  • klei

    klei - 2006-09-03
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    • summary: Vista compatable version? --> WinXP x64, and Vista compatable versions
  • jeff stone

    jeff stone - 2006-09-03

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    MPC seems to work fine in xp 64-bit for me. I haven't had
    any problems with it yet, with the exception of codecs
    installation (frequently they are looked for in the wrong
    windows folder and probably some registry settings need to
    be changed from the installers defaults).

  • dfarbridge

    dfarbridge - 2006-12-23

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    Is there any news on this? if so please post here


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