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  • punisa bald

    punisa bald - 2008-09-24

    Hello, best player in the world : )

    I have a project where I need to play multiple video clips from the playlist (fullscreen). Between every video there is a small gap. I presume that MPC does not support gapless video playback, so the next best thing would be to change the background to white (default is black), as the gap would be much less noticeable.

    Is there any way to accomplish this?

    extra info:
    - nope, for this project I can not merge the video together
    -nope, changing the MPC logo does not do the trick.

    Any suggestions how to modify this bit?

    Thanks in advance !

    • Yuri Khan

      Yuri Khan - 2008-09-25

      You might download AviSynth and cross-fade your clips any way you want, provided they have the same resolution or you resize them that way.

    • punisa bald

      punisa bald - 2008-09-25

      Hey there Yuri Khan, thanks for the tip : )

      Unfortunately my playlist is full of different formats (avi, mpeg, even SWF). Many videos are user input so I can not guarantee for resolution neither.

      I just hope there might be a way to finally get in touch with MPC authors and luckily something might be done about this : /


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