tuomas nieminen - 2008-06-28

I use MPC for the sole purpose for it's unique capability to scale whatever movie to exact 16:9 with my 37" LCD. No other program (VLC, PDVD, etcetera) has been able to do so, hence I really need an answer to this question.

Whenever I enable subtitles, the image turns black and white whenever a line is spoken on the film and subtitles shown. The color returns when the line end and subtitles disappear. If I disable subtitles, there is no issue. So apparently there's something with showing subtitles that causes MPC to go black and white. What is it?

I've tried several dvds and images with the same results. I do not have this problem with any other program, yet as stated before MPC is the only program that can scale my screen flawlessly, so I really want to use MPC.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled all of my drivers from graphics to ffdshow, divx, powerdvd and mpc. Also tried using a few older versions of MPC. No results.