Google video stalls but audio continues!

  • shylesh sangodkar


    I am using the Guliverkli source for MPC with FFDShow(rev1840; newer revisions are also tried). FLV1 format is enabled in the Codec of VFW and Video decoder. What I observe is that the Youtube videos play fine where as Google video hangs if we minimize n restore the MPC application. Audio keeps playing fine. Moreover, the same video once downloaded on to the disk as .flv file just plays fine. Also, the seek bar is not activated for URL videos.

    Filter Graph built by MPC for Google video is :

    whereas that of youtube is:

    On debugging it is observed that data does not flow to VideoRenderer from AVIDecompressor. What is the reason for this and why is FFDShowVideoDecoder not used for Google URLs?


    • shylesh sangodkar


      On debugging FFDShow source it is found that TinputPin::filesourceFlnm can hold filename of only max 256 characters where as many of Google videos has links bigger than that. Hence it caused buffer overrun during strcpy( ) in TinputPin::getFileSourceName( ), thereby failing to proceed further in establishing connection with FFDShowVideoDecoder.



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