Right click-->Subtitles option greyed out!

  • jakobkraft

    jakobkraft - 2008-04-29

    Why is Right click--> Subtitles option ALWAYS greyed out? I'm using VMR9, though I've tried every other mode with just a regular DVD in my drive. I can NEVER select the Right click-->Subtitles option. I can only select Right click-->Navigate-->Subtitle Language-->Enabled...but that just gives me the embedded subtitles on the DVD, which I never like. Looking more for a smaller, Closed Caption type of support, like you get with PowerDVD.
    ANy help would be greatly appreciated -- thanks in advance!

    • lordebon

      lordebon - 2008-05-10

      I've never used the Subtitles option on the right click menu. What I've used is Right Click -> Filters -> DirectVobSub. The subtitles are stored in .srt files in a relatively simple-to-understand format. Example:

      00:00:42,275 --> 00:00:45,210
      [Bell Rings]

      Which says the first subtitle (#1), the from --> to times (in hh:mm:ss,msmsms where msmsms is miliseconds), and then what you actually want for the subtitle. Then a blank line, increment the #, and etc.

      I prefer these over the ones over built-in subtitles, but I've never used them with DVDs before (only ripped files).


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