Enable/Disable Screen Saver During Playback

  • pfitzsi

    pfitzsi - 2004-03-14

    Anyone found a way to toggle this setting during playback?

    • ckit

      ckit - 2004-03-14

      Just disable your screensaver completely and then activate power management for your monitor set at 5 min. Much better than screensavers.

      • pfitzsi

        pfitzsi - 2004-03-15

        Power managemnt wont take effect during playback either.  Anyone aware of a way to allow this?

        • Stuart Halliday

          Stuart Halliday - 2009-05-05

          Hmm looks like an old preset ability has just became out of date. :-)

          I've a netBook and I wish to play my mp3 music with the screen turned off.
          (Better battery life)

          Any developers out there able to turn this 'disable power /screen saver mode) ability off.

          OK, I could use Winamp or any other software I guess. But I do prefer to use my favourite media player even though it's getting 'long in the tooth' these days. :-)

    • icon

      icon - 2004-03-15

      why would u want power management to work or screensaver to work when you play video

      if you leave just turn off monitor... if you need pc on

      • pfitzsi

        pfitzsi - 2004-03-22

        TVs have a sleep function.  Why shouldn't MPC?

        • BlindWanderer

          BlindWanderer - 2004-03-29

          no one's asked for it before.

    • jdawg

      jdawg - 2004-03-30

      i've never had a problem with the screensaver coming on when watching anything with mpc


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