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subtitles in a dvd clip

  • ric lewallen

    ric lewallen - 2008-06-09

      I have searched for the last 3 hours trying to figure out an answer to this question.  I used DVD shrink to capture a 9 minute clip, saved the clip to a file (vob extension).  When I play the clip in MPC, it works fine, except that the subtitles are not accessible. I set the directshow video to vmr9 in MPC playback output options.  When I use cyberlink to play the file, the subtitles are shown.  The subtitle options in on the play and navigate menus are greyed out.  When I put a dvd in the computer and play it, I can show the subtitles, so I cannot figure out what the difference is and why MPC cannot show the subtitles on the clip.
       Any insight will be most appreciated.

    • Yuri Khan

      Yuri Khan - 2008-06-09

      Maybe you are playing the VOB file itself, whereas your other DVD player plays the DVD directory as a whole. Try using the "Open DVD" command in MPC’s File menu, or pass "/dvd pathname" switch in the MPC command line.

      If that doesn’t work, there’s something wrong with the way you mastered your *.IFO files.

    • ric lewallen

      ric lewallen - 2008-06-09

      Hi Yuri,
         Your suggestion worked great.  I can now get to the navigation menu and enable/disable the subtitles.  Is there a way to enable subtitles from the command line?  I did not see it in the help box for command line on MPC.  Or is there a way to configure an instance of MPC that runs with subtitles and one that does not.  Thank you again.  ric lewallen


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