adam smith - 2010-03-23

I get no picture,just a blank screen so that part of my desktop is visible.Not only do I have this problem when using MPC but also AVS and VLC.
I have been using MPC with no trouble for over 2 1/2 years until a few nights a go.
This problem started after I installed Avast antivrus on my system and did a scan(it found several trojans/malware).
I fear that one of the viruses somehow screwed this up so that I can not see video when I play DVDs or video files.Maybe the infected area needed to be repaired by Avast but instead,after being placed in the vault,it was deleted.
I am afraid that this might require reinstalling Windows Vista.Something I really would not be comfortable doing.
Someone at another forum suggest I try updating my display adapter/driver.I tried this but Windows was not successful.
I am using Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit.