Grey stripes in MPC

  • Andrey Simonov

    Andrey Simonov - 2009-01-04


    I have accidentally pressed some hotkey and black stripes above and below the video turned grey! It happed only in MPC HomeCinema, MPC is ok as I did not press this key there.

    Please advise, what option did I toggle?

    Thank you.

    • Andrey Simonov

      Andrey Simonov - 2009-01-16

      Please, could anyone help me?

    • Wagg

      Wagg - 2009-01-17

      Don't want you to be too disappointed in the response here.  MPC has been a dormant project for several years, and there are only a few stalwarts left here.  MPC Home Cinema is a fork of MPC, and you might have better luck on their forums.

      MPC is loaded with options, and in more cases than not, it is an overlooked option that is the culprit.  BE SURE to scroll to the right on option screens, if there is a horizontal scrollbar.  Not seeing options that are off screen to the right and must be scrolled to, are possibly the main cause of people missing the very thing that will correct their problem.

      Otherwise, this forum is famous for people not responding if they do not know the answer.  It is not that no one is reading--it is just that no one has a ready answer for you.



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