Audio track description

  • Sara Arespacochaga

    Hello friends, my name is Sara and I am writing you from Spain.

    After a lot of years enjoying the MPC, suddenly, it has lightened some greens letters on the top left of the screen with Audio track information and I don't know how to hide them.
    Now, Every time I see a movie I have to bear this information

    Could you help me?

    Thanks in advance


    • Yuri Khan

      Yuri Khan - 2009-04-16

      You have most probably inadvertently enabled some kind of benchmarking information in some of the filters you use. When playing a video, right-click the video, open the Filters submenu and review all options of all listed filters very carefully. Especially the ffdshow filter has an option to display debug/benchmarking information.

      If you need further help, list your filters here.

    • Sara Arespacochaga

      You are right!!
      You have solved it.

      Thank you so much



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