Dragenesis - 2007-07-21

Ever since I got my dual monitor setup, MPC has since been giving me errors when loading up a video file while another one is already loaded.  When I only had one monitor, I could open one video file and then open another video file with no issue.  The MPC window that was currently playing video1 would then start playing video2 instead.  Now with the dual monitors, when I open video2 while MPC is playing video1, I get the error:

Unhandled win32 exception occurred in mplayerc.exe[3032]

The video file stills plays in the window behind the error, but if I can't close the the error window without shutting down MPC.  I have to close down MPC and then open up video2 so that I don't get an error.  Is there I setting I need to throw to stop this from happening, or is this something that I can't fix.