Piet Degeling - 2009-01-22

Have a problem when trying to play video's if they are on an external usb2 harddisk. If i drag the folder (usually video_ts) to MPC i get this error: DVD: Incompatible Disc and Decoder regions.
I checked through the options in MPC but couldnt find anywhere to make this error disappear. The same Video_ts does play in VLC, but i dont like VLC at all, so i would like to be able to play this video via MPC.
If i copy the video_ts folder to an internal harddisk, it does play in MPC though, which makes the above mentioned error message even more strange. ALso, i have 3 external usb harddisks, all different brands, and it happens on all 3 usb harddisks. And again, in VLC i can play all video_ts folders from all 3 external usb harddisks without a problem. What can i do to solve this problem?

I am running Vista 64bits ultimate, and use the newest k-lite mega codec pack.