mpc won´t play any files anymore!

  • John David  Wonderway

    hi there! this is my first post here. i´ve got a problem with mediaplayer classic. it won´t play any files anymore. Instead it closes! Help me!

    • Wagg

      Wagg - 2009-04-18

      Hi.  You do not give nearly enough information for anyone to be of useful help.  Need information like what your operating system is, what the exact message is that you get when the program closes, what kind of file you are trying to play--things that give at least some small indication of what is happening.

      If you are running XP or later, you could use System Restore to step your computer back to a time when you know that MPC was working and see if that corrects the problem.

      Video and audio on computers is very complex.  Just installing other software can make changes to your system configuration that will cause programs like MPC not to work.  Think back to whether you have installed programs recently, and what they were.


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